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Getting ready with a baby during the holiday

Published on Dec 14, 2018

 It’s no secret that when we think Holiday Season, we also think dinners with family or friends, different parties, and also kisses, hugs, and therefore germs! With my little 1-year old Abigaëlle, I have to be cautious, since she does not yet go to daycare, she has not been exposed to many germs. She caught a 48-hour cold this past summer while I had it for 1 week, and that’s about it! That is why I am thrilled to collaborate with Helixia to be ready to tackle the Holidays and all its germs ahah #RealLife.


I don’t know if you are already familiar with Helixia for children, but it’s a Cough syrup approved by pharmacists and children.! Well, I’m not sure if I am the only one, but I’m the kind of mother to test stuff before giving it to my daughter (loopy mommy haha), and it’s true that Helixia’s taste is good for children and even parents – except that it’s for children up to 11 years old only (Oops!) Hold on – good news! Helixia is also available for adults!

What I like best and the reason I was drawn to this syrup in the first place, rather than another, is that it is naturally sourced, made from premium dried ivy leaf extract that is dye-free, alcohol-free, gluten-free, and sucrose-free!

So, in her diaper bag, there is the anti-flu shield for Abigaëlle since Helixia is designed to relieve cough symptoms without causing drowsiness – mom-approved, especially when baby just got up and the last thing we want is for baby to fall back asleep. Quite the contrary, we want something that will give them strength, that will free up airways by loosening mucus and phlegm, and that will keep kids from running away at first sight of the bottle! In any case, I remember when I was little, syrups would always make me gag, so it would end up in the sink! I wanted nothing to do with it and just by talking about it, I can almost taste it haha! But this one tastes like honey, although it does not contain any!

It’s even proven that Helixia’s Prospan syrup helps improve the respiratory function of children with chronic bronchitis!

So I filled her diaper bag with cleansing wipes, not only for her buttocks, but also for her hands, you know, Helixia of course, extra linens, diapers galore, snacks for long waits before meals, toys for a little just-in-case distraction, but she always ends up finding a phone or something so much more interesting haha! I’m ready to face the Holiday Season!

*To be sure this product is right for you, always read and follow the label.

*This blog is intended for informational purposes only and is in no way intended to substitute for professional medical advice, to contradict medical advice given, or for medical care of any kind. As with any medication, speak to your doctor before using.

*Honey is not an active ingredient.