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5 Sick day activities for kids

Sina Duvinage

Published on Feb 27, 2018

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In the midst of all the fun that comes with winter – the snowman building, tobogganing, and cozy hot chocolate by the fire – Mother Nature also makes us deal with the cold and flu season. Especially when you have young kids who are just starting daycare or Kindergarten (like my daughter), it seems like there are more sick days than healthy days and it can be a challenge finding ways to keep your kids entertained whilst they’re feeling incredibly lousy. If you’re in need of a little sick-day inspiration, here are my top 5 toddler- and preschooler-approved methods for entertaining your kids when they’re under the weather.

1. Puzzles


They won’t have a lot of energy to expend on physical activities so give them something they can do while they’re sitting down. Puzzles are a firm favourite at our house. Just make sure the puzzles you give them are not too difficult, since sick kids have less patience than healthy kids. Tried and true puzzles are the way to go.



2. Look through photo albums


Whether it’s a physical album or just swiping through your phone’s camera roll, kids love to see themselves and looking through photos allows you to share memories with them and reminisce about all the fun you’ve had in the past. It’s also a great excuse to snuggle up in bed with them or on the sofa.



3. Bath time


Bath time is always a good time and the steam from a hot bath works magic on sick kiddos. Give them some tub paint or crayons, a few cups and sponges, and your kids might never want to get out of there. Grab yourself a book, get comfy on the floor, and get a little R&R for yourself as well.

4. A new toy


Whilst tried and true is a good motto for puzzles and other activities where a lot of brain power (and ergo patience) is required, when it comes to making sick kids happy, nothing works quite like a brand new toy (preferably wrapped up). A new toy to play with distracts them from how lousy they’re feeling, and distraction is key to get them (and you!) through the day.



5. Netflix


Watching TV is what sick days are all about, right? I know we try and limit the amount of screen time our kids have each day, but one full day in front of the TV is not going to fry their brains. If that’s all they feel up for doing, then don’t fight it. Better yet, grab an iPad, some headphones, and sit next to them whilst you get to watch your own show (or listen to an audiobook).



What are your go-tos when your kids are sick?


Sina Duvinage

Sina and her husband Chris live in Toronto in a little red brick house near the beach with their two children, Isabelle and Nicolas. She shares her affinity for simple, monochromatic, Scandinavian design in and around the home as well as document bits and pieces of this absolutely amazing and thoroughly exhausting journey that is motherhood on her blog Happy Grey Lucky.

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