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5 Ways I Help My Kids Feel Better When They're Sick

Ana-Maria Klizs

Published on Mar 23, 2018

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We’re at the end of cold & flu season (hopefully!). Looking back, December and January were two terrible months for our family health wise.  We were hit with the stomach flu, the regular flu, colds and sniffles.  I read somewhere recently that this year 2017/2018 is supposed to be one of the worst on record for viruses and it definitely seems as though its off to a vengeful start. We even had to cancel our trip to Mexico because we all had week long fevers, respiratory infections and more.  They are saying this years’ flu was one of the worst in history, and I can definitely see why.


I am not anti-medicine, but I do think that a combination of right kind of medication combined with holistic measures is always best.  So I wanted to share five things that I always do when my boys are sick to make them feel better, and you’ll see I adjust some for Henrik who is just a baby.  Our boys are aged 7, 3 and 10 months so I have to vary the things we do.


(1) A warm bath with lavender oil and eucalyptus – eucalyptus sin’t recommended for babies so instead of a bath, I would run a hot steamy shower and just put a couple of drops of the oil in the tub instead.  For the older boys a full hot bath is in order.


(2) Hot lemon tea with honey – again babies shouldn’t have honey so I would just give Henrik a couple of teaspoons of cold lemon peel tea instead.  To make the tea I boil the lemon peels in hot water and then remove them before serving.


(3) Give the boys Helixia Cough Prospan syrup three times a day.  Helixia is my secret weapon when it comes to stubborn coughs. I’ve been giving my boys Helixia since my Pharmacist recommended it to me years ago, learn more about my experience with Helixia here.

(4) I make my own decongestant rub. I mix a few drops of eucalyptus oil with coconut oil and rub it on their chest and feet.  Again because its not recommended for babies I only put a tiny bit on his feet instead of his chest.


(5) Lastly a HUMIDIFIER! Key. This we have in all their rooms, and it just helps keep the air moist.



** and a bonus tip. For young babies you can raise up their mattress on one end so they can be elevated if they’re stuffy.  Use a saline solution to rinse their nasal passage and a suction device to take the mucus out… kind of gross but it works.



I don’t think there’s really anything worse than a sick child. It weighs on me a lot whenever the boys are sick and I rarely get a good night rest. I put my monitor on full blast to make sure I hear the boys if they call for me, and I sleep on pins and needles.

For the most part I think colds and flus are unavoidable with little kids who go to daycare and school, but I try my best to help them manage their symptoms and alleviate whatever discomfort they have.  I’d love to hear any tips and tricks you have for making it through cold and flu season with kids.

Ana-Maria Klizs

Based in downtown Toronto, Canada, Ana-Maria Klizs began her lifestyle blog to share her everyday life, family, favourite recipes and daily stories of parenthood. The blog originally began as a love of sharing stories and connecting with other young moms like herself. 6 years later she has three beautiful little boys, a wonderful husband, an army of rescued pet and a personal brand.

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Posted in Cold & Flu, Family Life, Health, Kids