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Welcome to The HUB!

Published on Dec 18, 2017

Posted in Cough, Health

The HUB: A health & wellness blog that’s good for what ails you


Dear parents,


Welcome to The HUB! Our all-new blog that’s completely dedicated… well, to you! Maybe we’ve crossed paths in the cough syrup aisle at the pharmacy. Or maybe you’ve been a Helixia Cough Prospan adept for a few winters now. One way or the other, The HUB is our new meeting place for all things health, wellness and family related!


A bit about The HUB

The HUB was born of the desire to support Canadian parents with information and articles on coughs, cold season and a host of topics related to family life at large.


We know what it’s like to fall down the rabbit hole of Internet searches, which usually happen late at night when we should be winding down and creating “sleep opportunities”… yes, parents, SLEEP OPPORTUNITIES! (We know what’s high on your list of priorities.)


So our (somewhat lofty but very doable) goal is to save you from all of that random clicking and scrolling so that we can become your online reference when it comes to coughs, that dreaded season with everyone seems to get sick and the inherent joys and growing pains of family life.


To do that, we’re partnering with pharmacists, doctors and other experts in the field to bring you relevant and up-to-date information on cough-related topics. We’ve also asked some Canadian bloggers to weigh in on what it’s like to raise kids in 2018 and beyond. A day in the life of most parents is a mix of magic (she’s talking!) and mayhem (did she just say the “%*$#” word?!). We’ll get into all of that and more as we dive into #reallifestuff.


We’ll be posting fresh articles here every month so check in often. We look forward to having conversations about the things that matter to you the most—from your own sanity (Another bug? Really??? We just got over the last one!) to the health and happiness of those you hold most dear.


See you at The HUB!


Got ideas?

Is there a subject that you’d like us to explore here? Let us know and we’re on it!
For questions, concerns or requests, drop us a line at [email protected]

 We look forward to seeing you—and hearing from you—at The HUB.


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Posted in Cough, Health