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How a Husband and Wife Team Tackle Kids Sickness Together

Christine & Chris

Published on Sep 25, 2018

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It’s back to school season and you know what that means right? Well besides packing lunches every day, it also means we are starting cold and flu season straight in the face in the next coming months. With us having all three kids going to school full time now, I know they will unwillingly be exposed to so many germs from their classmates and school friends. It doesn’t matter how much we try and get them to wash their hands, take vitamins or even use some essential oils, one of them is bound to bring sickness into the home every six to eight weeks, during cold and flu season, so it’s time to get ourselves prepared!

I can remember the last cold and flu season seemed to be a particularly rough one for our family as well as many others we know.  If we were lucky, it would stay isolated to the one child who caught the sickness, but often times, in fact most times, it made it’s way around to at least two other family members, including Chris and myself.


We find that when the kids are sick, we have to pull out a team game plan in order for us to be able to tackle the sickness together while still being able to keep a functioning home as well as work schedules.


So we thought we’d share with you today how we trade off duties when one of the kids is sick, as well as which one of us is the more patient one and which is more sympathetic one (the answers may surprise you).

When a kid is starting to get sick, I (Christine) am usually the first one to take notice. Whether it’s a slight cough, an elevated body temperature or even noticing a lack of energy, I seem to have “sick-dar” as Chris calls it- an instinctual radar that can sense even the slightest germs present!


The conversation than usually goes a little something like this between Chris and I:


Me: One of the kids is getting sick.


Chris: I’m sure they are fine.


Me: They have a fever and a cough.


Chris: Really? Ok…well let’s monitor it.


Me: I think we should take them to the hospital.


Chris: You are overreacting. Let’s wait it out.


Me: You’re probably right. Ok let’s monitor it.



While I’m often the first parent to notice the sickness, I also am the one who tends to overreact slightly and jump to the worst case scenarios. While on the other hand, Chris has been known to not think it was serious enough to go to the doctor or hospital, but I pushed and the child ended up being admitted because they were in rough shape.


This is where we make a really great team, especially when it comes to evaluating the kids sickness. lt’s so important to communicate together through sick times and after so many years of doing this together, I think we’ve found a good rhythm and trust of each other’s judgement calls.

So while we wait the sickness out at home, I am often the one to head to the store and grab the medication as well as items like Pediatric Electrolyte, especially if they aren’t eating anything…this helps keep their electrolytes up. The kids especially like the freezie kind of these as it almost feels like a treat for them to eat it. I will also usually grab some soup and crackers too.


Because I work from home, it’s easier for me to watch the sick kid during the day.  I am likely not as productive due to the extra demands of the kids and is always available for extra snuggles if needed.


Chris is usually the one who is on nighttime duty. Not just because he isn’t home during the day, but mostly because he requires less than sleep than I do in order to function well the next day. He is also really patient with the kids, especially during those wee hours of the morning that can be so trying with little sleep.


We will give the kids some cough medicine, if necessary, load them up with essential oils on their feet as well as place a cool mist diffuser in their room to keep it moist and fill it with oils. Chris will often pull out an extra single mattress that we’ve kept around since the boys previous room and will camp out on the kids floor to be close in case anyone needs him.


And hopefully with enough rest and the right medication, the child will get healthy within two to three days and it will be business as usual!

Now, we’ve also been asked how we deal with a child faking that they are sick, so here is how that normally plays out! It’s really hard to know if the kids are faking sick…at least with our kids. They are great actors and very dramatic. Similarly to above, I tend to be more of the sympathetic one and will fall for it more than Chris will. I don’t want the kids to get more sick, so I will often let them stay home and monitor them, whereas Chris would likely send them off to school and trust that it’s nothing.


So that’s how we tackle sickness together in our home. What about you? How do you and your partner tackle the kids sickness? Is one of you more patient than the other? Do you tag team and rotate on and off? What are some of the best practices you’ve found for helping isolate the sickness so that it doesn’t spread to more people in the home?


We’d love to hear your thoughts and comments, so let us know!


And here’s to wishing you a season of health and very little sickness in your home!


Love & Blessings,


Christine & Chris

Amidst the Chaos

Christine & Chris

Chris & Christine are a married couple living just outside of Toronto, Ontario with the three children. Starting the lifestyle blog Amidst the Chaos in 2015 as primarily a décor and DIY blog, Christine slowly started incorporating more of her children and finally her husband joined forces in early 2018 to create a family lifestyle blog. They write about their family adventures, both local and abroad, favourite recipes, kids crafts, fashion and so much more.

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